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Films are my favorite field of art. Ever since I remember, I loved watching movies, evaluating them, finding pros and cons, trying to understand how the movie was made.

As soon as I got the camera in my hand, I immediately turned into a director.
At the beginning, I was shooting our parties in my own way, trying not to duplicate what I had seen before. In my mind I tried to prepare shots for editing in the future.

Below is my first film (2004), which I have edited. For many reasons, the material used for this "production" was insufficient, but I did everything possible to hide the gaps during the montage.
It took me a few weeks to make this project, and the montage itself took a few months.
There was no script, we had to improvise. Everything was shot on a very cheap camera with the possibility of filming (40 seconds maximum). Therefore, the image quality is below criticism. Anyway I was very proud of the final cut :-).

The second movie, Drunken Masters, was made in 1992 and edited in 2018 (only 26 years later).
Editing this material was pretty challenging because everything was shot from the same angle and it was not easy to make "the movie" not boring.

The third movie was made in the tribiute to "Enter The Dragon". The cast did their best :-).

And some of my karate tournaments that were edited in a way to show my amazingness :-) even if it was not truth.

My last project is still in production. Another tribiute to the holy "Enter The Dragon"
Below is the trailer:

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