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3D Projects

I began to deal with 3D graphics at the instigation of a colleague in 1997.
I was supposed to help him make 3d models for his game. Unfortunately, the project did not work, but the passion for 3D graphics stayed with me.
I started using it as a background for my drawings.

Unfortunately, my computer was not strong enough to deal with a full power of rendering.
I had to limit my work to some really simple projects.

On the hand right side you can see my first animations I made.
They are made without knowledge of the principles of 3D animation, without the use of bone systems, etc. I made them using a traditional method, almost like doing classical puppet animations. I added a sound to them and I was sooooooooooooo happy with the outcome at that time.

Below are some more important projects for me (which do not mean that they are good).

Using 3d graphics was convenient for me because using the same one model of for example a chair I could use it as a enviroment in my drawings, changing only a little colour or texture.

My first 3D animation (1999) I made was a spaceship model, which was suppossed to be used in a game, so a number of polygons had to be very limited and based on nice textures.
The animation presents an attempt to capture its movement with some nice backround music.

My second animation (1999) shows a battle between my first spacecraft model and some tanks.
I was impressed of the sound I edited for this animation.

My third animation I made in 1999 was an alien running without a goal.
Also the principle was to make a model based on low - poly.
Putting it in motion without knowledge about the bone system and animation in general was quite a challange for me.

And that is it for now. I hope that I will do this kind of work in the future.
It is what I love to do.
I'll back ...

Bryce - 1998Bryce - 1998Bryce - 19983D Max - 1998Low-Poly 1999Low-Poly 19993D Max 1999Low-Poly 1999Terragen - 19993D Max - 20003D Max - 20003D Max - 20003D Max 20013D Max - 20013D Max - 20013D Max - 20013D Max - 20013D Max 20013D Max - 2002

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