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Drawing. Probably, every graphic artist has started from this point. Drawing in classes, after classes and on every free moment I had.

After some time, every human being starts to think of turning their own hobby into a career.

My first job was to illustrate proverbs and sayings for crosswords' magazines. In a short period of time I had to make loads of drawings. I often had to draw dozens of pictures a day. Unfortunately, the wage was poor and I did not like that kind of approach to drawing. I've always liked perfectionism, and here I could not improve my skills.

So I changed my work to a new one, better paid one.
Humorous drawings for popular magazines. (Bravo Girl, Take a Break, Your weekend etc.)
Here I had to develop my skills. To win this race between other artists I had to show something better or more interesting.

On this page you can find some of my drawings made between 1996 -2002.

On the bottom right hand side you can see how my drawing skills have changed.
Once in a while I love to remake my drawings.


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